Keyskeya Technology Are The Long Island Virtualization Experts

If your IT environment is growing at hyperspeed or your needs shift rapidly, scaling to meet your computing capacity needs is a must. However, scaling your hardware costs as quickly might not be “a given”.

Lower Your Costs – Efficiency Meets Scalability With Server Virtualization

Fortunately, our Dedicated Virtual Servers make it cost-efficient to scale your needs. It’s a smarter approach to hosting – one that helps you better manage your hardware resources. With Dedicated Virtual  Servers, get the most out of your servers and pay only for the resources you’re using at any given time.

  • Rapid VM Provisioning makes scaling easier and on-demand computing capacity possible. With predefined Virtual Machines, you can meet your performance and capacity needs at a moment’s notice.
  • The security of Dedicated Virtual Servers removes worries about the compromises, the unanticipated traffic spikes, and the security breaches that plague some shared virtualization providers.
  • Automatic recovery keeps you up and running, delivering redundancy by recovering data from a second host machine (multiple servers and SAN required).
    Snapshots provide increased data protection during your OS and application upgrades.
  • Maximize your hardware investment by better utilizing your servers through Virtual Machines.
  • Pay only for what you use with utility billing that only charges for your Virtual Machines when they are turned on.
  • Quickly achieve a stable and secure virtualized environment without investing your own time and resources.

The Keyskeya Virtualization Team, staffed with VMware Specialists, manages your physical server, virtualization layer, and virtual machines so you can make the most of your solution.